Cocoa – Mint – Cherry

One of the all-time favourites, the opulent cocoa with mint, is being further accentuated with splendid black cherries and enriched with raw flavourful almonds. The cocoa butter is complementing this beautiful experience by adding silkiness. And it is high in Copper, a mineral that is crucial for human daily metabolic reactions, and Magnesium too, which promotes bone and heart health and relieves anxiety and premenstrual syndrome. Just one bar would give you more than 50% of easily absorbable vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant that slows aging and fights eye and skin damage.

Mocha – Cocoa nibs

Well, the moment a coffee-lover tastes it is the moment she exclaims ‘Oh, my!’. It is a miracle you can have such a deep, creamy, coffee-ish, satisfying raw desert. And it is so difficult to make a Mocha profile without milk. To accomplish it, we picked the best cocoa powder, mellowed it with creamy cashew to cut a bit on intensity, then we balanced it with our mocha filling and put a final touch with grinded cocoa nibs – small enough to not distract, but big enough to give some resistance to your teeth. That’s it, easy! We consider it a bonus that Copper is still here for your metabolism, vitamin B1 kicks in to improve your cardio-vascular system while vitamin K works on your blood, bones and heart. Thirty Leya Mocha bars would give you the caffeine of approximately one espresso.

Carrot – Raisins – Cardamom

Carrot pie! We love carrots for their beneficial properties, autumn mood, cooling taste and quiet presence. We like the way carrots play with the walnuts and how the two blend together when enhanced with cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom. We blend with raisins to sweeten them, and add apples to tone down a bit the earthy flavour. Let the oats, cinnamon, turmeric, apples and walnuts to do their miracles on your body, while the carrots supply you with the whopping 1 200% of the daily vitamin A dose and 8% of the so dearly needed Iron. All in all, this bar is one great masterpiece of antioxidant power.

Green Tea – Apricot – Coconut

Green tea is just bland. Apricot is so popular we don’t even notice it. Coconut is intense and kills all other aromas. So, we mix those, add a tiny bit of lemongrass flavour, salt and agave syrup and, voila – suddenly you have a great coconut flavour, a hint of authentic green tea in the background and juicy apricot bits to wake up your senses. Delicate, fragrant, velvetly balanced and rich of our usual suspects – vitamins A and K, which do the good job on your skin, eyes, blood, bones and heart, Copper for metabolism, and the absolutely indispensable Phosphorus, which quietly forms bones and proteins, improves energy use and removes muscle weakness.s

Raspberry – Vanilla – Almond Nougat

What is it that makes the RVAN Leya so loved and so popular?! Part of the secret is that we pick fully ripe wild mountain raspberries, bursting with flavour and hypnotizing in colour, then we make our nougat using cocoa butter, almonds and agave syrup that are nothing less than outstanding, and finally we add a pinch of salt to intensify this whole unctuous experience and bring it to a denser and creamier end. With varying proportions from 10% to 15% of daily requirements, a RVAN bar loads your body with vitamins B1 and K, and the minerals Manganese and Copper that take care of your blood, bone, skin, heart and cardio-vascular health, metabolism and blood sugar control.

Maple – Apple – Hazelnut

The living classics of the northern hemisphere – apples, maple, pears, hazelnuts and star anise, uniquely combined to yield this very gentle bar with subtle flavours. Don’t eat it on the go! Instead, take a moment for yourself and enjoy it in the company of a sofa and some good light tea. Our Maple Apple needs your attention and focus to show you its flavours in their full. The fruits, nuts, oats and spice used in it make for natural and readily available vitamin K, which is good for blood, bones and heart, and vitamin B6 – the one that you need every day for balancing blood sugar levels and mood, making haemoglobin and energy, and boost your immune system. If this is not enough, one bar gives you 10% of the daily needs of Manganese, the mineral needed to form bones from the calcium, create collagen for the skin and help various enzymes responsible for blood sugar control. The 266 mg of Potassium would add to the required 4 700 mg, which is the amount you need to keep in check kidney stone, blood pressure, muscle mass, bone density, fluid balance or body electric activity.

We are Iva, Zuza, Buby and Maria. We were bound together by our active approach to life – in sports, education, eating, child-raising, work and love. Leya is a reflection of this mentality. We dreamt of creating a raw, convenient, delectable and beautiful energy bar that would give us, our families and friends astonishing experience.

Our values

Be good people!
Give back!
Save energy!

I took us and our team of eight two years of intense efforts to put everything together. We travelled far and wide to source raw materials, equipment, ingredients, talent and advice. A huge number of people helped us along the way for a smile and „Thank you!“ in return. As a result, we came up with Leya! The World’s First Raw Bar with a Filling, in six rich and unmistakably different flavours.

Our promise to you is that we shall never stop developing and improving our recipes, technologies, processes and environment to give you the best experience with the lowest energy footprint. Enjoy it!

What our bar is

Leya is a shell enrobing a filling. We invented, developed and utilised our proprietary set of technologies and processes FillBar® which we use to create the authentic Leya bars. They are more like wine or bread, or cheese. One must expect seasonal variations, changes in subtlety of taste and texture, new experiences. And separating the ingredients in different layers allows for remarkable flavour development, addictive taste, and rich and colourful aftertaste. Our work is just like it was in the good old days – endless mix of sun, soil, water and air that creates perfection.

Why those tastes and why try them all?

Because we love them. We wanted to have something classical with a hint of North American sound – here comes Maple Apple with Hazelnuts. And then we fell in love with Asia, going to Thailand and Sri Lanka – here goes the Green tea and Lemongrass, perfectly matched with Apricots and Coconuts. And then Zuza insisted we address her coffee addiction – so we went bold and created the Mocha bar (not coffee, Mocha). And we all loved Nougat, which was great in combination with Raspberries. Easy to say, a nightmare to make, but here it is – our most beloved Almond Nougat with Raspberries. Then, during our first winter of work we found ourselves dreaming about the spring and summer, and cherries… and it was quite natural to arrive to the wintery calmness of Cocoa and Mint, enrobing the spring promise of juicy Cherries. Well, as if we didn’t already have enough work, Iva shot us in the head with Carrot pie – strikingly simple and unique. Raw carrot pie, challenging as it was, after six months of R&D, we all became life-addicts to. A word of warning though – you don’t expect to love them all. No. Taste has not friends. Try and pick the ones that make you smile. If your partner totally disagrees with your choice, that is all right, we are all different. Just like your Leyas.


We only use first-grade fresh crop fruits, vegetables, kernels, seeds and nuts. A big bulk of these are dried to our specifications so that their freshness, aroma, moisture and quality conform with our standards. We also use Himalayan salt, agave and maple syrup, cocoa and coffee of excellent quality, with flavours matched to our unique products. All other herbs and spices are sourced from the best vendors. We don’t stay indebted to the true superfoods surrounding us – affordable, accessible and abundant in micronutrients. We cherish the greatness of the simple apple, juicy pear, rich hazelnuts, fragrant walnuts, milky oats or exquisite apricots. You will find them in our recipes, masterfully combined with healthy beauties of various regions – coconut, cocoa or green tea.

We want to give a simple word of warning here – DON’T EXPECT OUR BARS TO BE THE SAME EVERY SEASON! The fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we use are natural, and they change year to year as the seasons go dry, or rainy, or windy. Next year Leyas will be different in their aroma profile, but will always be as good as you want them to be.

Droplets meanings

We developed the InfoDrop™ concept to make it easy for everybody to grasp the key qualities of our bars. The InfoDrops are prominently displayed, large and visible, and highly informative.
GI – the Glycaemic Index represents the effect of a food item on blood glucose. Values of 55 or less are recognized as low (good).
GL – the Glycaemic Load indicates how much a food item would raise one’s blood glucose. GL bellow 10 is low, and 10-20 is medium.
GI and GL are derived with mathematical models. However, those models don’t take into account ingredients that supposedly slow the carbohydrates metabolism, such as beta glucans in the oats or nuts, fibre, cinnamon and turmeric. As so, we publish the mathematical results, but we are convinced that the true values are indeed lower.
Fibre – high-fibre foods possess beneficial properties, and our recipes feature some good naturally occurring fibre.
Beta-glucans – these are polysaccharides that reduce blood cholesterol, boost immune system or reduce heart disease risks. Research so far proves beta-glucans positive effects. Leya bars are not cereal bars and won’t give you the recommended 3 g beta-glucans per day, yet you get close to half a gram, making them a perfect snack for the health conscious.
Raw – there are ingredients, that are often considered raw, even though they are technically not, like cashew, which needs to be steamed before shell removal. We disclose the reality.

Why oats?

Oats are beneficial on so many levels. We experimented big to make it possible to add the little oat to further enhance the properties of our bars. Fibre and beta-glucan slow down the fast sugars for sustained energy, reduce cholesterol, give new vibe to your immune system and help you fight down heart risks.

Why not gluten-free?

Oats are GF. However, they are usually stored in places where wheat can be present. Our advice – if you are gluten intolerant, don’t eat our bars as this may have serious negative implications. On the other side, if you are not gluten intolerant, but convinced that gluten-free is your way, then Leya can be just right for you.

Added fats and sweeteners

We add fats – the world’s best cocoa and coconut butter, kept within 5-6% of the recipe. Indeed, we put just enough to achieve smooth luxurious feeling and texture.
We use sparingly maple and agave syrups to enhance the flavours and enrich the overall experience. Our Maple-Apple-Hazelnut bars have 1,5% maple syrup, for example. The only exception is the Raspberry-Vanilla-Almond Nougat bar, where we put around 7% agave syrup so that we can make the nougat.

Why salt and how much?

We avoid salt. You will find very limited amount of pure Himalayan salt in some of our creations, and we use it there just to make these beautiful cocoa, green tea and maple pop-up.

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